SageGroup is an ecosystem for Amazon sellers
With a variety of services, ranging from
e-commerce software to payment solutions, we equip thousands of sellers with the integrated high-tech ecosystem for all aspects of their business
One ecosystem, endless potential
Founded in 2019, SageGroup has a mission to deliver breakthrough solutions for Amazon businesses and their integration with other industries
Exclusive services
Our software solutions offer certain unique features that have no analogues on the market
Diversified structure
We don't limit ourselves to one project or one industry, we're expanding our business scope in different directions within the group
Global seller base
Thousands of sellers have joined us to become our customers and get new solutions we create for them within SageGroup
E-commerce software
SageSeller platform is all-in-one profit analytics Amazon sales tool developed to help sellers manage their business. SageSeller facilitates simplified monitoring of main business metrics and saves profit
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FBA Acquisition
SageFund is a brokerage service, assisting in buying and selling Amazon businesses. It connects sellers who want to sell their Amazon FBA businesses with the top global aggregators
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FBA business audit
SageAudit helps estimate major risks of Amazon businesses and evaluate main business metrics. Based on our own technology we provide exclusive solutions, such as review cheating tools
Business Integration
SageGroup will allow sellers to expand their business beyond Amazon. It enables
easy integration with other marketplaces, business scaling, and increased sales volumes
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Logistics and Supply Chain
SageGroup will facilitate fulfillment center services for the sellers. Also, it will include supplier and forwarder database, and distribution channel management. This turnkey tool will automate seller operations.
SageGroup will provide payment solutions for marketplace merchants. It'll include payments processing, factoring, accounting and taxes, and any other part of finances
We are open to the investors
who will help us execute our
key growth strategy to rapidly increase
our customer base and expand new services

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